The CinePostproduction sound department offers the full range of audio services: editing, sound design and sound mixing in all formats (including Dolby Atmos) – for feature films, TV-movies and -series.

The Munich sound department offers two fully compatible digital studios, a facility that is unique in Germany. Within a short timeframe, a film can be edited concurrently in two studios or two projects can be coordinated at the same time.


ReferencesStehaufmädchen, Der Baader-Meinhof-Komplex, 3096 Tage - Natascha Kampusch, Der ganz große Traum, White Magic
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TeamJulian Niesner, Moritz Grötsch, Felix Haller, Julian Horntasch, Georg Miros, Sophia Salazar-Vollé, Nena Stauber, Mario Steinbeißer, Viktor Gette, Jacob Dietz, Chippy Voichita, Klaus Weger, Rainer Waxenberger, Sabrina Rühl, Frank Rohlfing, Robert Glöckner, Manuel Georg, Tina Falke, Thomas Ramin